Project Description

Recently we were lucky to help the Centenary Memorial Gardens with an domestic electrical upgrade of the viewing Televisions in the memorial Chapel. These TV are used so people can watch the ceremony as it happens no mater where they are seated or standing. The TV’s are also used to show video recordings or memorials of a persons life, it is very important that all people present are able to get a good view to help them during this time.

The upgrade consisted of replacing the two 65 inch TV’s that were mounted at the front of the Chapel up to two 85 inch HD TV. These new TV’s also gave us the added challenge of need to swing out from the wall and be able to be moved and angled if required. This is not easy for two very large TV’s that also weighed 65kg each. With some careful checking and research we were able to find two wall brackets that could do the job and then some. Both wall brackets are rated for TV’s up to 100kg in weight so as long as the wall stands the TV’s are going to hold.

The two 65inch TV’s were moved to outside the Chapel and mounted in two weatherproof enclosures. These TV’s will now show the service to people that are not able to fit into the Chapel whilst still giving them a view of the inside of the Chapel. This might seem a bit much but the Chapel is one of the busiest in Brisbane and with some of the Families attending, reaching numbers around 100 people the small Chapel is not that big. However with the two TV’s outside and one being able too swing to allow a better view into a large open area, it is hoped large families will have a better experience now during the service.


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