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Rob Martin are Licensed Smart Home Automation System Installers in Brisbane

Home automation systems combine all the technology in your home allowing you to effortlessly control your life. The range of uses a smart home system covers is expanding constantly, from doorbells, security, lights, music, temperature and blinds to name just a few. Imagine the possibilities this can make to you and your family, soft lights automatically illuminating in the night, your shades automatically closing in the afternoon when it gets hot, your favourite movie and appropriate lighting and sound settings at the press of a button when you enter the room.

How does a Home Automation system work?

The key is simplicity. We are proud licensed suppliers and installers of KNX systems, who have been industry leaders for over 28 years. Their simple and elegant system combines all your single dedicated remotes into just a few, all accessible from your existing devices. For those homes already built and wanting to take advantage of new smart home technology we are also licensed suppliers and installers of both KASTA and ABB-free@home systems. These system will simply connect into your current wiring and give you smart control of your home.

Systems can be voice activated, accessible to different users, be available from devices or dedicated controls within the home that enables you to control everything instantly. The core of this system is the wiring that travels invisibly throughout your house seamlessly connecting everything to the remotes which in turn connect to your appliances.

These controls connect to products like lights, alarms and AV systems from top manufacturers in a secure and simple way. The possibilities are endless and all configured to your lifestyle for today and tomorrow enabling your home to interact with you the way you want.

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Licensed Installers of Smart Home Automation

Rob Martin is not only a fully qualified and well reputed electrician in Brisbane, but he also specialises in smart home systems. Fully licensed and certified as a KNX member, he has access to over 8,000 products. Having a certified professional who represents a world leader will make choosing and installing your smart home system a lot easier.

What can a Home Automation System do?

The possibilities are almost endless with new possibilities appearing constantly. Most people will focus on a few main areas to automate but anything can be added to the system at a later date as new capabilities arise. The ease of control and the setting up of automatic or scheduled events is what most people are drawn to. Some of the most common areas of use and functions are:

Temperature and Climate Control Automation

  • Blinds
  • Aircon
  • Thermostats
  • Timers
  • Energy Efficient


  • Blinds
  • Lights
  • Dimmers
  • Colours & Intensity
  • Remote Control from Anywhere


  • Alerts
  • Cameras
  • Timers
  • Remote Control from Anywhere

Door Controls

  • Cameras
  • Picture Memory
  • Custom Messages
  • Remote control from anywhere

Home Theatre

  • Volume & Picture Settings
  • Sources & Destinations
  • Automation
  • Remote Control from Anywhere

Benefits of a Home Automation System

There are many benefits above the obvious one of convenience. Smart home automation is also very energy efficient with many automatic functions to shut off unused lighting and air conditioning. Also, a smart home system provides much more security. Allowing multiple users to check from anywhere in the world and control doors alerts if anything suspicious is happening. Major benefits of a smart home automation system are:

  • Remote Control
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Increased Security
  • Improved Appliance Functionality
  • Flexibility of New Devices & Features
  • Home Management Tips

Worth noting is the future proofing that an automated home will have. Your system will instantly be compatible with new features and products all the time that can seamlessly integrate into your home and life increasing the benefits as time goes on. If the 2000s gave us smartphones as the next big tech, then 2010s onwards have given us smart homes. Major tech companies are all incorporating these features into every device imaginable, why? Simple; to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Home Automation for New Builds

The best time to get a system integrated into your house is at the build stage. Planning for the systems you will be building into the new house can save you a lot of time and money when at the build stage. Systems like Air conditioning and cameras for instance can all be factored into the build design making the system more invisible and secure, Talk to Rob Martin Electrical if you are in Brisbane and interested in this exciting and expanding new world.

Home Automation for existing homes

The best thing with this new technology is, like many people your already living in your home and would like to see about making it a smart home. Well this also is possible with 2 systems that we use KASTA and ABB-Free@home. Both these system can be installed into an established home and will make your home a smart home and give you the same advantages as the and house planed and built with the technology. So don’t think this is not for you as you don’t want to build a new home to get this technology as we can turn any home in to a smart home.


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