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Home EV Charging Station Installations

If you own an electric car or are in the process of buying one, then you’ll almost certainly need an EV charging station installed in your home. This gives you the convenience of being able to charge your car while you sleep. A home EV charging station is the perfect at-home petrol station but without harm to the environment, the cost or the smell. Let Rob Martin’s expertise install your charging station and also help you find the perfect solution from the major brands out there.

Home EV Charging Stations Installed Safely

Installation is a fairly simple and straightforward process for an experienced electrician like Rob Martin. Installation usually takes only a few hours with some choices of where to place it. All our installs are done to the highest of Australian standards and are done safely and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

EV Charging Station Upgrades

If you already have a charging station and it’s no longer powerful enough. If you need it to be able to charge more than 1 vehicle, or you need a different connector for a different car then we can upgrade it for you. Depending on your new requirements we can easily upgrade the existing charging station to give more power and have a different connector or standard and the majority of the cabling and wiring is already in place, this is often a very straightforward process. Just give us a call and we can find out your needs.

Types Of Residential EV Charging Stations

Level 1 Home EV Charger

This type of charger often comes with your car and is used for trickle (slow) charging. It will plug into a normal power outlet and can provide around 2 – 2.4kW of power. Roughly 2 km of range for every 10 minutes. This is fine for minimal use and hybrids, but not ideal for many people.

Depending on your model of car, this can take anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours to fully charge so these units are not the most convenient. Also, they will affect the power supply circuit of what it is plugged into, for instance, if it is plugged into the downstairs supply then this extra load could trip your consumer unit. This can be boosted by having a 15 amp power point installed instead of a standard 10 amp one.

Level 2 Home EV Chargers

Single Phase

Single Phase or fast chargers as they are called can deliver around 7kW of power. This extra power means you can fully charge almost any electric car in under 12 hours. Using the same calculations as above, around 7.2 km per 10 minutes of charging.

Level 2 or fast chargers require 32 amps to run (or 15 amps from an upgraded powerpoint) so often a switchboard upgrade may be required as most domestic homes don’t have these power abilities.

3 Phase

These units can supply up to 22kW of power so by the same calculations will get you 22 km of range for every 10 minutes. The downside of 3 Phase chargers is that they require 3 phase supply from your consumer unit (which not many domestic homes have) so you will automatically need a switchboard upgrade but well worth it if you have multiple cars or drive long distances regularly.

If you aren’t sure what system suits you best then simply give Rob Martin Electrical a call for a chat and a detailed obligation-free quote in the Brisbane area.


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