Project Description

Smart Lighting Installations in Brisbane as Part of a Home Automation System

Smart lighting is probably one of the most commonly used parts of a home automation system and one of the easiest to understand and operate. You can simply control the colour of a single bulbs brightness and colour, to controlling the whole house. The great thing about having a smart lighting system in your home is that it can do so much more than just turn on or off your lights.


Smart Lighting Control at Your Fingertips

The access to smart lighting comes from dedicated switches, remotes, your devices and also externally logging in to set up schedules and permissions etc. Google and Amazons’s app allow voice control, and pairing that with your smart systems functionality you have access to powerful features like turning off all lights as you leave or setting up a complete mood for several rooms in an instant.


2019-07-23Features of Smart Lighting:

  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple ways to control
  • Automated for when you are away
  • Ease of operation from voice to switch
  • Convenient, quick and precise
  • Increased safety at night with automatic sensors


Authorised Smart Lighting Installers

Rob Martin are proud licensed suppliers and installers of KNX systems across Brisbane for the most advanced smart home functionality. Rob Martin is not only a fully qualified and well reputed electricians in Brisbane, but he also specialises in complete smart home system installs. Fully licensed and certified as a KNX member, he has access to over 8,000 products compatible for the KNX system. Having a certified professional who represents a world leader will make choosing and installing your smart home system a lot easier. Give Rob a call today about smart lighting your home in Brisbane.


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