Project Description

Professional, Efficient TV Outlet and Antenna Installation

Rob Martin Electrical Brisbane can assist you with all your electrical needs, including TV outlets and antenna installations. We can set up TV outlets in any room, plus find the culprit of any faults that may be causing bad reception.

We can repair or replace old TV points which may have worn over time. The installation of new TV points can make a huge difference to your picture quality, ensuring you never miss a favourite show!

Is Your TV Viewing Being Interrupted?

A loose or worn TV point can be the culprit of a fuzzy or bad picture. Your TV antenna could also be causing a problem. Rob Martin Electrical can assist you in pinpointing the problem and either fixing or replacing the parts.

TV point installation, TV antenna installation and even assistance with TV wall mounting are all within our skill set. The team at Rob Martin Electrical are here for you, for all your electrical needs.



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