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Professional Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs and Servicing across North Brisbane


Providing a wide array of air conditioning services for both commercial and residential clients, which encompasses everything from installations, repairs and maintenance.

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Affordable, Reliable Air Conditioning Installations in North Brisbane

We provide professional, affordable air conditioning services in North Brisbane, North Lakes and the Bracken Ridge area. Our expert technicians work with commercial and domestic properties installing air conditioning to the highest of standards.

We are so confident in our aircon installation skills; we offer a full guarantee on every job. Our customers mean the world to us and you can be rest assured you’ll be happy with our work. Air conditioning servicing, maintenance and installations are provided by our team and we work on small or large properties.

Expert Brisbane Air Conditioning Repair Services

We offer a 24 hour call out support to our valued customers. It can be frustrating when air conditioning breaks down, especially in a work situation. The Rob Martin Electrical team are always ready to take your call for air conditioning repairs and maintenance. Here’s some common signs your aircon unit may need attention;

  • Weak airflow. This could point to a clog in the air filter, a broken motor or that your aircon is getting old
  • The unit is blowing warm air on the cool setting. This could point to a thermostat issue, the air being restricted or the compressor is damaged
  • Water leaking. This could mean a drain line is clogged, the evaporator coil is frozen or the coils are dirty or damaged
  • Bad smells coming from your unit. This could mean there is microbial growth in your air conditioning ducts
  • Loud, unusual noises. While most aircon units make small noise on start-up and shut down. If the noises get loud, rattling, buzzing or grinding in form, this could mean your unit needs a tune up
Major air con clean beforeMajor air con clean after

Air Con Servicing

Minor Service – $90 and $45 for additional

Major Service – $155 and $65 for additional

Ducted Service – $195

Air Con Install

Single Unit Install – $1,350

Air Con House Package (2 Units) – $2,550

Save Money and Live Healthy with Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

While air conditioning maintenance needs a little investment upfront, it’ll actually save you money on power bills and repairs. A well maintained aircon unit, runs at maximum efficiency, meaning you can keep it on a lower setting consuming less power. When a unit gets old and is under maintained, it uses more energy to push air out through clogged vents.

Air conditioning units that are never cleaned, also risk spewing dirty air into your home including bacteria, germs, viruses and other contaminants. Rob Martin can put a tailored maintenance plan in place for you aircon, to keep your lungs breathing fresh, clean air!


All Services are conducted by our fully licenced and insured electricians, we a confident in what we do and provide a satisfaction guarantee.  What’s more we cover you with 24 hour call out support.

Regardless of the scope of the project, you can rest assured our electricians and technicians are always up for the challenge. We also boast the most diligent, dedicated and knowledgeable staff to conduct all our services, while our exceptional after sales and customer focused attitude ensures 100% satisfaction is achieved.

  • Using only Trusted Brands, we provide a range Air Conditioning Split and Ducted installations

  • Our professional installations enable maximum efficiency to ensure the longevity of the product.

  • To allow these systems to run at their optimum and to ensure they remain energy efficient, regular servicing is required.

  • Even if your air con ceases to function, our technicians can potentially repair your system instead of just replacing it; which saves you both money and time!


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