Project Description

Home Theatre Installations in Brisbane as Part of a Home Automation System

Home theatres are one of the most sought after aspects of a home automation system and one that gets the most joy and pleasure. Now that streaming and HD film and TV are commonplace, home theatre has come into its own. Home theatre systems can be large or small but all will give you the pleasure of your own mini cinema experience with the power of complete control over sound, picture, lighting and temperature in an instant. You can even have seats that move in sync with your movie whilst the sound completely envelopes you like you are there.


Home Theatre Design is Crucial

Getting the most out of the room and your budget is crucial to ensuring the maximum performance of the equipment in it. Rob Martin will work with you on making sure the sound and picture meet industry standards to maximise your enjoyment of a home cinema.

Whether you are using a screen, a domestic projector or a specialised high end projection system where there are no black bars or letter boxing, the options for viewing are amazing. For sound we have access to sonically transparent screens to maximise the sound placements as intended for a truly immersive experience.

This all translates into gaming too, all under the simple control of a home automation system.


20190725_105646Features of Home Theatre:

  • No compromises like real cinema
  • System is tailored to you
  • Complete control
  • Saves money on nights out
  • Adds value to your home


Authorised Home Theatre Installers

Rob Martin are proud licensed suppliers and installers of KNX systems across Brisbane for the most advanced smart home functionality. Rob Martin is not only a fully qualified and well reputed electrician in Brisbane, but he also specialises in complete smart home system installs. Give Rob a call today about a home theatre system for your home in Brisbane.


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