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Professional Hot Water System Installation Brisbane

Electric hot water systems need an experienced plumber and electrician to work together. Hot water systems are complicated pieces of equipment and we have a wealth of experience to ensure everything is fitted to the highest of standards.

Electric boiler

The team at Rob Martin Electrical are fully licensed and insured to work with the electrical component of your system. We will work beside the plumber to disconnect and reconnect the unit once installation is complete. Being premiere electricians in Brisbane, you can be rest assured we give every customer the highest standards of service.

We Repair Hot Water Systems So They Won’t Let You Down

It can be a big stress when your hot water system breaks down. We always work to provide fast, efficient repairs for our valued customers and offer lightning quick call out times even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This way, you never have to go without for long. Some common hot water system problems are;

  • Are you not getting hot water, but your system still seems to be running? This could point to a new heating element or thermostat being needed
  • Maybe you don’t get enough hot water? This could point to a problem with the temperature dial or a drop in the outside temperature around the water tank, making it work harder
  • Is the water too hot? This could mean the thermostat is set too high or is faulty
  • Is your electric hot water unit leaking from the top? This could point to inlet pipes being loose or the valvebeing compromised
  • Dirty, rusty or smelly water? This could point to a corrosion issue

If you experience any of these problems or need installation of a new hot water system, call Rob Martin Electrical right away.



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