Project Description

Choose a Range of Power Point Options for Your Home and Office

Professional powerpoint installation in Brisbane is essential for any modern home or office. The majority of properties have a need for up to 40 power outlets for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, entertainment areas and work spaces.


Old style powerpoints may have been installed in strange or inconvenient places. Many people rely on extension leads, which can become a tangled mess in a busy place. Rob Martin Electrical can update your powerpoints, ensuring you have plenty of options for all your electrical needs.

What Are the Types of Power Point on Offer?

Today, you have a large range of powerpoint styles, configurations and even colours to choose from. Select from; powerpoints that blend into the wall, push buttons with glass cover, added USB charging outlets, multiple sockets and even weatherproof finishes for outside points. Contact Rob Martin Electrical to talk about your powerpoint needs.



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