Project Description

Upgrade and Repair Your Switchboard to Keep Your Home Safe

Old style wiring systems and switchboards, can’t often keep up with today’s new and powerful electrical appliances. Older switchboards may not even be equipped with safety switches, meaning you and your family could be at risk.

Upgrading your switchboard is imperative to keep you and your family safe. Talk to Rob Martin Electrical today to get a new switchboard upgrade for your home.


Avoid Potential Fire Hazards with a Switchboard Upgrade

Huge surges of electricity from new appliances through an old, ill-equipped switchboard can become a potential fire hazard. These old switchboards were not designed to deal with so many appliances at once.

New switchboards will have mandatory safety switches installed so you know you’re safe. These safety switches are designed to shut down as soon as a power leak is detected. Call and talk to us today at Rob Martin Electrical about your switchboard upgrade.



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