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Safety Switches Are Essential to Protect You and Your Family

Every home needs quality safety switches fitted by a professional electrician in Brisbane. These smart pieces of equipment will monitor electricity flowing through a circuit and if any leakage is detected, the power will be shut off automatically in milliseconds. This type of thing happens if an electrical appliance or power point has a fault.

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A Safety Switch Can Even Save Lives

It’s recommended to have safety switches fitted throughout your home to cover each circuit. One safety switch is not enough; you can still get an electric shock from another circuit with no safety switch. Some places to install safety switches are;

  • Power points
  • Lights
  • Air conditioning
  • Oven
  • Hot water
  • Pool equipment and circuits
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If you notice one electrical appliance repeatedly causing the safety switch to flick, this should be checked by a professional, call the team a Rob Martin Electrical. Do not touch a faulty appliance while the electricity is still on.

The Difference Between Circuit Breakers and Safety Switches

Circuit breakers and safety switches work differently. A circuit breaker quickly cuts power when there is a fault or high current overload. A safety switch shuts down the electricity supply when a leakage to earth is detected. Safety switches are essential to protect people and circuit breakers protect wiring.


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