Project Description

Temperature and Climate Control System Installations in North Brisbane

An automated climate control system isn’t just the remote for your aircon, it’s part of a simple yet sophisticated home automation system that allows you to fully regulate the climate in your home or office using control panels, remotes and your own devices. They can help you save money as you have full control of your temperature even when you’re not in your home.

How does automated climate control work?

A climate control system uses sensors, thermostats, timers and automated controls to deliver the temperature you want where you want. These sensors ensure your overall temperature is only active where it needs to be, and not where it doesn’t (in empty rooms). They can be triggered by movement, timers or remotes ensuring you’re only heating or cooling when you need to unlike traditional systems. Modern climate control systems don’t just control air conditioning, but shades and blinds as well as awnings where most heat or cooling is lost.

Features of Climate Control System

  • Potential to improve energy efficiency

  • Fine controls over zoned climate control

  • Improved home comfort

  • Adjustable to the climate outside

  • Control from anywhere, inc smart phones

Speak to Rob Martin Electrical about improving your home or businesses climate and save money as well as enjoying the increased control over your life.


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