Project Description

Doing it Tough

Today we helped out Darren Smith. He is a Digger that has left the army only to face one of life’s hardest battles, Cancer. He put a shout out that he needed some help, not for himself but for his young family, in the way to finish off renovations on his home. The response from current and former solders that had worked with Darren was great and it helped get the first part to finishing off the renovations done.
With help from Paul, Grant, Brendan, Cam, Ben and myself we were able to get all the plumbing, Carpenter and Electrical work need to give Darren’s family a nicer home done today. I wish to thank Brad Thomasson from Ideal Aspley for helping with very kind donations form:
– Atom Lighting for Downlights
– Mecator Fans for living room ceiling fans
– Brillant Fans for the Bedroom fans
– Martec for the bathroom 3in1’s
There is still more that needs to be done and if your able to help the list is on, Let’s help smithy Facebook page. I would like to thank the guys today for their work and support to Darren’s family and for Darren to relax and enjoy and keep up the fight.

Ceiling Fan With Light
Ceiling Fan Without Light
Downlights Throughout
Our Happy Couple
Bathroom Heater Light