If your energy bills are high and your aircon system is a bit old and hasn’t been serviced regularly, it might be time for an upgrade. You don’t need to replace your entire system depending on whether it’s a split system or ducted (the two most common). There are actually many reasons why the cost could easily be justified to upgrade so let’s take a look.

Energy Efficiency

Older systems will not only be less efficient as time goes on if not serviced regularly, but their overall energy rating won’t be as efficient as today’s high-tech designs. Higher energy efficient rated systems are now much cheaper than they were 10 years ago, and this also makes them much less costly to run. Newer systems will have features like:

  • Economy mode
  • Timers
  • Self-cleaning
  • Human sensors (switching to economy mode if no humans are detected)
  • Improved louvre control (for better distribution of the air)

Better Filtering

Newer systems will be able to remove far more undesirable particles from the air like bacteria, mould spores, dust, bad odours, and other allergens that can be an irritant. These filters are better for allergy sufferers, the elderly or asthmatics.

Smaller and better Looking

It might just be that your old system looks big and outdated with yellowed plastic cooling units being large and ugly in the room (if it’s a split system). Newer models are not only smaller but come in more design options and will be much whiter or have more complimentary colour options to your room or rooms.

Government Cash Incentives

If you’re lucky and the timing is right in Brisbane, a government rebate may be available. Take a look here, bear in mind these rebates vary and have other caveats, but if you’re timing is right, it could be a nice bonus.

Noise Reduction

Older units, especially poorly maintained ones will be way noisier. In fact, most people only get maintenance when noise starts (which isn’t what you should do!). The efficiency will already be dropping but the noise will be a major factor for most people in upgrading or repairing (if possible). Noisy aircon units will hamper sleep and make the TV harder to hear whereas some modern units are almost silent by comparison. Your neighbours will thank you too.

Cooling and Heating Combined

Upgrading from a cool only model to a reverse cycle model that can do both will further reduce your energy costs in the long run. If you live in an area that requires heating and cooling then this is worth considering.


Overall, the main reasons will be factored by the cost of an upgrade against the cost saved by installing it. Whilst some people will just want more advanced functionality or looks, for many it will come down to a noisy old inefficient unit being repaired versus an upgraded system and its benefits. For more info and a detailed quote in Brisbane, Give Rob Martin a call with no obligations.