Project Description

Two bathrooms at Pontiac Circuit were the last major items for reinvention work to be done. The house has seen some major changes with the rooms but also electrical and lighting work throughout. Therefore this is part of a continuance form the Movie room that we installed as an earlier project. The ensuit was the first bathroom to be worked on with some major changes to the layout but also some unique lighting was required to finish the feel and look of the room. Besides the standard exhaust fans and downlights, there was a requirement to find some special wall lights that can make the room when turned on. The wall lights have adjustable flaps to allow you to adjust the amount of light and angle of light coming out both from the top and the bottom. This allows the clients to change the lighting and the feel of the room for that relaxing soak in the bath. The LED corner strip is the bling factor that can make a normal room into a show piece, with the ability to change colour or dim the strip right down this also can show off the room and keep the neighbours guessing to what is going on in the room. All fittings were matched to fit in with the tiles and the Clipsal Saturn series, were the perfect finish to a very nice Ensuit. 

The Main bathroom was next and this one was a simple reno, not much moving but a few additions to keep the girls happy. Each Girl was given there own mirror with Hollywood lights for the makeup. These lights add the extra bit of light on to the face to help with the makeup. The other lighting was two hanging strip lights that make the lighting a feature of the room and highlight both ends of the bathroom. The contrasts between both bathrooms and the lighting help work in with some others that have been done through this beautiful home. It is very hard to capture the beauty in this home without walking into it and looking first hand and with the clients doing most the design themselves it can show what can be achieved without designers.