When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, one aspect that often goes overlooked is outdoor power points. You might wonder, “What power points can you install outside?” Well, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide to outdoor power solutions.

Why Outdoor Power Points Matter

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of installing power points outdoors, but they are incredibly useful. Imagine being able to run yard equipment without wrestling with messy extension cords. Picture how string lights in your backyard or patio could spruce up your weekend parties effortlessly. These are just a few examples of how outdoor power points can transform your outdoor living experience.

However, installing just any old regular power points outdoors won’t cut it. Brisbane’s outdoor spaces are exposed to various elements, so only weather-resistant and suitable outdoor power points should be considered and we’ll go into detail about some of the types of power points that are available and suitable for the outdoors.

Weather-Resistant Power Points

The key differentiator between indoor and outdoor power points lies in their construction. Indoor outlets aren’t designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. In contrast, outdoor power points are constructed using UV-stabilized materials, making them resilient to UV exposure, ensuring longevity.

These outdoor outlets also feature corrosion-resistant screws to prevent rust when exposed to moisture. They are your go-to choice for durability and reliability.

Tamper-Resistant Electrical Outlets

Outdoor power points must also be tamper-resistant, ensuring safety for everyone. These outlets incorporate a built-in shutter mechanism, preventing anything other than a 2-prong or 3-prong socket from being inserted. Safety is paramount, and tamper-resistant outlets deliver just that.

Things to Consider Before Installing Outdoor Power Points

Before diving into outdoor power point installations, keep these essential factors in mind: • Avoid installing power points near outdoor spas or pools for safety reasons. Instead, place them strategically near leisure areas.

  • Ensure easy access to the power points for convenience and safety.
  • Always cover outdoor power points with weatherproof covers to shield them from moisture and debris.
  • Consider the power requirements of your outdoor equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Use a licensed electrician when selecting and installing power points. Their expertise is invaluable for a safe and efficient setup.
  • Install safety switches to protect both power points and lighting circuits.
  • Position outdoor receptacles at least 450mm above ground level for safety.

Power Up Your Outdoor Space!

When it comes to outdoor power points, weather-resistance and tamper-resistance are essential. Consider location and use of the power point as you might want a USB outlet in it to suit your needs better. However, remember that all electrical work should only be handled by licensed electricians.

So, if you’re ready to transform your outdoor space with the convenience of outdoor power points, contact Rob Martin Electrical, your trusted local electricians in Brisbane. Our experts are ready to install your new outdoor power points safely and efficiently.