Nowadays we have so many USB powered devices that we are often running out of sockets and powerpoints. Modern USB sockets mean your powerpoints can have 4 outlets instead of 2 as you don’t need to use plug adapters on your cables for your USB devices leaving the sockets for more high-powered appliances.

Having your kids unplug more important devices for a quick charge can be really annoying, or searching for a spare socket in the house so you can continue on your mobile device is equally frustrating. So let’s take a look at how easy it is to convert some or all of your current powerpoints and why you should.

Simple Installation

Whilst we don’t recommend installing them yourselves, we can install new powerpoint for you very quickly. We only supply safe and well-made USB powerpoint that will last a lifetime and meet all Australian standards. only the faceplate of the socket needs changing.

There is plenty enough power from the supply for any of your sockets to power any 2 x USB devices. They are shielded and filtered so unplugging other devices won’t interfere with your device or cause surges or glitches. As with all our professional electrical work, it comes with a guarantee of being done by a qualified professional and to Australian standards.

Pure Convenience

USB powerpoints can be advantageous anywhere in the home but especially in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. As mentioned, not having to worry about unplugging other appliances and devices (especially those that require permanent standby etc) can be a real pain. A lot of times when charging is finished the other items aren’t plugged back in too!

Having extra sockets in the most common rooms in your house will seem like convenience and luxury you can’t understand how you did without. Also, it’s easier for the elderly to unplug USB cables rather than plugs which can be stiffer.

Cost Saving

If you’re using your USB devices with the power adapter always connected it’s easy to think you need more sockets when you don’t. There’s often no need to install more sockets (which really is more costly) or have cumbersome 4-way extensions everywhere when the majority of USB devices can charge or be powered directly from the cable.


USB powerpoints are also very safe, they mean avoiding the use of cheap and low-quality power adapters which have been known to cause shocks, fire and even death. More plugs mean more potential for poor connections whereas USB powerpoint doesn’t have any of those issues. They will safely power their 2 USB connections with all the filtered and surge-resistant power that any USB device might need.

Call us today about having your powerpoints upgraded to USB.