Many Australians will hire an electrician or a trades person that is legally required to be registered and skilled without checking their credentials and just going on a recommendation. It’s hard to tell whether our electrician is legitimate or not without asking the right questions, but here are some tips to help you. these will not only ensure your safety, but a lot of time and money as well as potentially not getting the work done that was required.

Do you have a licence to perform electrical work?

This question might seem obvious, but it’s the one that people don’t ask or verify. This is the single most important piece of information as it’s a legal requirement in every Australian state (with a couple of tiny exceptions like foreign trained electricians being ablate work as an assistant). Many Australians are too embarrassed or afraid to ask, but the reality is any licensed electrician will be very happy to show off their credentials and if you don’t want to ask you can easily verify them with their license number here to check within QLD. The license should be their own and not someone else they are operating under.

Do you have insurance?

This one isn’t a legal requirement, but one which will be crucial only if things go wrong. In the real world, accidents can happen, parts can fail or unexpected things can cause some serious problems to your home or business. If your electrician doesn’t have a current Public Liability Insurance policy they can show you, you are basically accepting the potentially big risk that could be financially and personally destroying should an unfortunate incident happen on your property. The insurance shouldn’t just protect the electrician but also yourself, your property and those who enter for years to come.

Do you have references?

This is how most people will find an electrician, though a recommendation of someone you know, but for anyone you haven’t dealt with before it’s a good question to ask. Any electrician with nothing to hide will be happy to provide references. Either from their last few jobs or from ones they’ve collected as testimonials or online reviews. Don’t just read them, if you are sure and you have important or expensive work that needs doing then don’t be afraid to verify them with a call. Your electrician might well ask your permission for this in the future and you would probably be happy to reassure someone in your position occasionally in the future in return for a job well done.

Who’s going to carry out the work?

It’s not always wise to presume whoever answered the phone or whose name is on the license will be the one carrying out the work. This is where a lot of unlicensed work is done, by assistants. Assistants are perfectly legal, after all they are in training, but they must be supervised at all times so ask who is carrying out the work and entering your home or business.