Electricity prices are on a steep rise and don’t look set to fall at any time but there are some simple practical ways to reduce your electricity bills. Switching suppliers may make a difference with introductory offers but the cost per kilowatt-hour will vary little between suppliers and switching can be a pain but it’s still worth checking.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to reduce your electricity bills.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting

The correct type of light bulb can contribute quite a surprising amount to your overall bill, especially in a busy household or large family home. We have already talked about the benefits of LED lighting but changing all the bulbs in your home will definitely make a difference. Old incandescent or halogen bulbs use far more power than modern LED bulbs. Switching from halogen to LED bulbs can averagely save you $102 per year.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Changing your thermostat’s setting for heating or cooling can instantly save you money. Generally, you should set it to between 18 and 22 degrees, but each increase in a degree can add up to 10% of the overall running costs so you can see why adjusting it just a little will save you a lot over time.

There are other ways to save with cooling, especially using fans or ceiling fans which will save even more than the above so ask your electrician about installing them.

Use Cooler Setting on Your Washing Machine

The same principle as changing your thermostat will work with laundry. There’s no doubt that hot water will wash your clothes more thoroughly, especially when it comes to whites or heavily stained items, but for a lot of people that is minimal. Change from 60 degrees to 40, or to 30 if your machine allows. You’ll probably notice no difference in your laundry results but will save money in the long run.

Also, hang your washing out to dry as opposed to using the dryer when you can as dryers are huge power guzzlers.

Unplug Appliances From the Wall

Leaving items on standby is convenient, but if you are a heavy technology household, all your devices will add up. Computers, games consoles, sound systems, TVs, monitors and even microwaves will all be slowly adding to your bill. If you don’t use some of these items regularly you are essentially paying for nothing.

Keep Doors and Curtains Closed

This is the easiest way to maximise your home’s insulating properties compared to actually having it insulated (which may be an option). Whether you are cooling or heating keeping that temperature in that place will reduce costs, especially of probably your most expensive source, aircon or heating.


There are obviously bigger ways to save like installing solar to complement or replace your electricity but that has a high upfront cost, but the above are easy to do. You can get your local electrician to switch lighting, check your aircon and install ceiling fans if you really want to save big.